The Growing Vision of Ripe Mind Project:

“When life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade.” coined by Dale Carnegie in 1948, is a well-known expression that many quote when challenges occur. By removing the sweetness from its distinction, lemons became the antagonistic fruit filled with only bitterness. Even an inoperable car is referred to as a “lemon”. These minor nuisances were unsettling for Brittany as a kid. She had to change the stigma targeting lemons; Brittany owed it to her surname and many recipes containing the delectable fruit. With childlike inquisitiveness, she imagined a positive depiction of the former expression — a lemon (herself), sugar (goodhearted people) and water (and other natural resources) connecting well together to make the world a better place (lemonade). Today, as an adult, she has expanded her list to more serious matters involving inequity and environmental degradation that limits the betterment of vulnerable populations and the environment — adversely impacting the global carrying capacity. The mindset and behavior of people must change to restore the beauty of earth and mankind. A collective group of fresh and fair thinkers and do-ers must come into fruition to ultimately build an innovative and equitable global landscape.

Ripe Mind Project is the microcosm to think and do just that. 

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